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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key performance indicator for quantifying the utilization of manufacturing equipment. OEE is the product of availability, performance rate and quality rate for materials produced by that equipment.  For more information, see the Introduction.

Units of Measure

The Caliper library project manages units of measure and conversions between them.  A Caliper measurement system is a collection of units of measure where each pair has a linear relationship. 


For more information visit the GitHub Java repository here.

Engineering Sketch
Image by Eric Rothermel

Work Schedule

The Shift library project manages work schedules.  A work schedule consists of one or more teams who rotate through a sequence of shift and off-shift periods of time.


For more information visit the GitHub Java repository here.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Point 85 hosts a variety of detailed plans for one and two bedroom Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).  The plans have been created by Home Designer Professional from Chief Architect.  Available for download are a layout PDF with the floor plan, elevations, doll-house and perspective views.


A link is provided to Chief Architect's 3D viewer application where one can take a virtual tour of the house.

Bright and Modern Kitchen
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